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The Perfect Grip for Optimal Precision

These two styles of  hand-operated grippers are designed to pick up cryogenic vials and crimped vaccine/serum vials by the cap, respectively.

Made to grab with precision and safely remove tubes and vials from cold temperature storage boxes.

Both grippers are crafted from autoclavable, reinforced polypropylene, and feature an ergonomic squeeze area for optimal precision.

Each style is available in a pack of 5 assorted colors for easy identification and organization.  A combo pack with one of each style is also available

Key Features:

  • Made of durable reinforced polypropylene
  • Hand-operated with marked thumb squeeze target
  • Vaccine gripper is designed with a crimped head
  • Offered in 5 colors and in 3 different pack varieties:
  • 2 Pack Combo: 1 cryo & 1 vaccine gripper (Blue)
  • Cryogenic Pack: 5 cryogenic vial grippers (Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow)
  • Vaccine Pack: 5 vaccine vial grippers (Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow)