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The Tempshield Story

The Cryogenic Safety Pioneers

Temphield Cryo-Gloves® was established at a kitchen table in 1980.  The founders’ goal was to create a much-needed product that would protect the hands from dangerous burns that could be caused by liquid nitrogen and other cryogens.  Their tireless dedication drove them to develop a superior glove, by testing and retesting different materials and features that would maximize cold and splash protection, as well as to ensure dexterity and durability.  The exceptional quality of Tempshield’s products was well received, and the business grew quickly.  Operations were moved from the founders’ home to an ISO-approved facility outside of Bar Harbor, Maine, the gateway to Acadia National Park.  In the years since then, aprons, face shields, gaiters, and hose covers have been added, providing safety from head to toe.

The rigorous process of making the best cryogenic gloves begins with multiple inspections of the raw materials.  This assures the elimination of imperfections that could allow cryogenic fluids to penetrate.  After the fabric is cut by hand, the multiple layers are assembled by skilled craftspeople with an average of 15 years of experience.  Finally, each glove is individually inspected, a hand-crafted masterpiece.  The highest standard for materials and workmanship is central to Tempshield because our mission is to keep our customers safe.

Tempshield Cryo-Protection® products are certified by United States and international testing agencies to meet stringent governmental requirements for safe cryogenic handling.  No other manufacturer subjects their gloves to the such rigorous conditions, because our #1 concern is for your protection.  Everything, from the careful selection of materials to the meticulous sewing and inspection, is done to allow for safe and comfortable use in hazardous environments at ultra-low temperatures.

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