At what temperatures do Cryo-Gloves® provide protection?

Cryo-Gloves® protect from -196°C (see below).
Limits of use: The maximum duration of exposure at ultra cold temperatures is dependent on many variables, including atmospheric conditions, the task being performed and the users physiology. The thermal flux transmitted through the glove is sufficiently low to allow the user adequate time to safely remove themselves from the hazard.
No gloves, including Cryo-Gloves®, are recommended for immersion in liquid nitrogen.

Can the gloves be used to handle liquid nitrogen?

Yes, however, we recommend the waterproof styles when working with liquid nitrogen to protect against splashes. Gloves should fit properly with adequate cuff length to protect as much of the arm as necessary during different operations.
No gloves, including Cryo-Gloves®, are recommended for immersion in liquid nitrogen.

Can the gloves be used with liquid oxygen?

The LOX-Glove® will protect to the necessary temperature range and can be used for liquid oxygen handling.
The LOX-Glove® is tested for anti-static resistance.  All standard grounding procedures must still be followed.

For which applications would you recommend Cryo-Gloves® over Waterproof Cryo-Gloves®?

Standard Cryo-Gloves® provide protection when working with closed cryogenic systems—where there is no risk of exposure to cryogenic fluids, ie.,
  • Dry Ice
  • Low Temperature Freezers
  • Closed cryogenic systems

When would you recommend Waterproof Cryo-Gloves®?

Waterproof Cryo-Gloves® are necessary when there is the possibility of exposure to cryogenic liquids.
No gloves, including Waterproof Cryo-Gloves®, are recommended for immersion in liquid nitrogen.

What makes Waterproof Cryo-Gloves® waterproof?

Thin enough that it is essentially an undetectable addition to the glove, a breathable, heat-sealed glove inserted between the outer shell and the insulation makes the gloves waterproof. These inserts are in all styles of Waterproof Cryo-Gloves®, Waterproof Cryo-Grip® Gloves, Cryo-Industrial® Gloves, and the LOX-Glove®.

When would you recommend using Cryo-Industrial® Gloves?

Cryo-Industrial® Gloves were designed for use in any environment where durability and high abrasion resistance are necessary, i.e.,
  • Delivering cylinders of cryogenic liquids
  • Attaching metal mesh-covered hoses
  • Maintaining cryogenic systems
  • Cold treating metals
  • Driving forklifts or stocking shelves in freezers

May I contact the company directly?

Yes. Please call 1-800-680-2796 (USA) or +1 207 667 9696 (International) any weekday between 9:00am and 5:00pm EST and a customer service representative will assist you in your selection or answer any questions.